Servicing / Certification

Regular servicing will guarantee your equipment is working better, for longer!

Keeping your workshop compiant with the Autralian / New Zealand  safety standards.


Servicing You Can Trust

To ensure you get the best possible lifespan from your hard-working workshop equipment, Liftech's service checklist covers all areas. 

Specialists in 2 post lifts and 4 post hoists, car scissor lifts plus tyre changers, air lines and more. We can tailor servicing to suit your needs, with servicing recommended yearly and every 6 months for equipment over 10 years old. 

We schedule our servicing work with busy workshops in mind, in and out and soon as possible, with minimal downtime. Keeping a record of service dates, we arrange the next service before it's due. No need to worry about remembering, with stickers also clearly showing the information on each piece of equipment. 

What's Involved with an Annual Inspection / Service

  •  Inspection of equipment for possible defects
  •  Operation of safety mechanisms and adjustment where required
  •  Structural integrity inspection
  •  Inspection of all pulleys and Cables (lubricate where required)
  •  Inspect all hydraulic systems including oil level and condition
  •  Inspect Pneumatic systems
    (including water trap / regulator and any air leaks)
  •  Inspect all mechanical systems (chains, gears and tension)
  •  Adjust cables, chains and linkages to reduce unwanted play
  •  Lubricate all grease points, slides and rollers
  •  Check level and security
    (including torque settings of floor anchors)
  •  Report defects and provide possible solutions 
  •  Issue a service and compliance report
  •  Tag equipment with a service and compliance label